Sliding end winds

Hi everyone!

I use XW-2 and have a problem that I hadn't managed to solve. The end winds slide down of mandrel when the carrige changes direction. How can I fix the plies?

My ideas as follows:

1. to change a winding angle at the end of the mandrel, I mean increase it. For example, the basic angle is 30 degrees but the angle at the end of mandrel is ~ 90 degrees. 

2. to make an aditional 360 degree wind at the end the mandrel

How can I do this with the designer software or in G-code directly?

Or there may be other solutions?

Thanks for any ideas,


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  • Hi Nicholas,

    Thank you for the recomendations. I will try.


  • Hey Vitaliy, 

    Yeah - What I can see, is that for me any 2 or 3 Axis winding with an angle below 45 degrees ( like 30 degrees ) , produces a part that looses a lot of the ends because of filament lumping and sliding.


    1. I am using square and circular / eliptical mandrels, I have no doubt that the sliding effects them both, but when using the square mandrel, the carbon is often in the air for 90 degrees of mandrel rotation before it lays on a face, and around 1x90 degree bend. which is minimal friction, which promotes even more sliding until say 3 or 4 x 90 degree  corners are wrapped, then there is enough line tension to hold the angle.  The cause really is that the angle is trying to change immediately from 90 degrees to 30, and there is nothing to hold the  carbon in place while it is layed.

    Solution1. If it's imperative to get some 30 degree winds in, then need to modify the G-code, so that when the carriage is say 5 cm from the end, the mandrel doubles in speed for 360 degrees of rotation, adds the extra 360 at the end, then keeps fast for the first 360 it lays, which will lay at say 60 degrees, and then go from 60 to 30, which should not produce a slide.

    Solution2. Add a layer of something grippy like sand paper to the last 5 - 10cm of mandrel, so that the carbon cannot slip. - this part obviously will not be usable and have to be discarded after winding.

    Solution 3, Try a 4 axis flat end wind, and cut the end off  after - however this will probably slip also.

    Solution 4 Could try to lower the tension so that is is not pulled as hard

    Solution 5 Could epoxy the tips of the mandrel first, until it is setting so that it is sticky, then wind the first layer at the desired low angle.

  • Nicolas, I solved it 50:50. It is better now, but  the filament slides and changes end winds angle. As far as I discovred, wind sliding depends on the following factors:

    1. filament tension (I'm gonna to change design of my impregnation system)

    2. angle (I think third dimention should  help)

    3. filament speed (I have 120 rpm and diameter of 60 mm and more. So maybe I decrease ritation speed and increase productivity using more filaments)  

  • Vitaly, did you fix the problem by doing extra 360?
  • Thank you!

    But  I have already replaced X-winder's CNC with mach3. Now I can do averything I want.

    • Hi Vitality, sorry formy english, im' italian. How have you set mach3? As turning control or have you done a special programming?

    • Hi Tiziano,

      From my, Russian, point of view youre English is perfect. I use Mach3 milling software. A-axis is used for a mandrel. It's very easy. You can try to use demo version of Mach3, because the G-code  of  the most complicated programm is not more then 20 lines. Use cycles instead of multipling lines of G-code like it's done in x-winder software.


    • Hi

       I see a some xwinder G codes I don't see in mach3 (G5, G6) and parameters as well. Do you change the code a lot to run on Mach3? An example of xwinder code and what you change it to would be really helpful.

      thanks  greg

    • Hi Vitality,

      Were you able to run the x-winder through Mach3 with the usb port? Or did you need to adapt the x-winder to work with a parallel port? 

      Any comments you might have to help with the setup of the x-winder with Mach3 would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Jacob!

      I used step motor drivers that are puposed  for Mach3 specialy. You can't use original X-winder's controller (Phidgestepper) with a parallel port. You can use it only with usb.


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