• What technique do you use to slip the finished product off the mandrel?  I have tried several different things and am still searching for the perfect mold release solution - even for simple poles like yours.

  • I am just starting to experiment with custom G-code as I was finding that there is excessive ply buildup at the ends while using the designer software.  It looks like you were experiencing the same?  Is this normal?  Do 4" of each end need to be cut off after curing to get a consistent wall thickness?

    • Indeed this is the same for me, but I usually only chop off 2-3 inches. I might now chop off 4 inches to see whether the thickness changes.

      Being able to write g code would be awesome. The world would be your oyster with the 4 axis machine. I would love to be able to wind some complex elbows and T connector shapes!
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