Issues with angle of delivery head during passes

Hi, I am new to filament winding and is trying to wrap an aluminium cylinderical shape. I am facing issues with the delivery head angle. The angle of the delivery head is inversed throughout the winding. [Example: When moving the carriage from Right to Left (G1), looking from the direction of the delivery head, the angle it +45 deg instead of -45 deg.] This causes the filament to slip off the delivery head, causing issues at the end wrap and during its return, the filament would not be resting on the roller anymore.

I would be able to make the changes in the G code. However if anyone could identify what is wrong, where the software generates angles of the delivery head inverse if what it should be.

I had upoaded a picture of the start position of the wrap to illustrate the issue of the delivery head angle.

Would greatly appreciate your help.


Best Regards,


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