Hey Everyone,


I recently purchased the 4 Axis X-Winder and have been attempting to run dry trails to ensure that the X-winder functions properly. I have gone through the set-up wizard and ensured everything is set-up correctly. Now the issue I am running into stems from when I open the X-Winder Executer software. The rotary, linear motors will connect without issue but the carriage and mandrel motor will "blink" and display this error. 


DETACHED: PhidgetStepper…

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Fiber glass rovings tows

Hi all,

I cant´t find in Brazil to sell a fiberglass tow the unwinds externaly, I could onli find fiberglass rovings that unwind internaly as the image below.  It also doesn´t have the internal tube.

Is there any solution for me to use this king of rovings.



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Winding Machine Optimisation_Composite Braiding Ltd.pdf

We have a 2 axis X-Winder helping in winding 1 mandrel at a time.

Could we add another motor to the current setup and winding 2 mandrels simultaneously? We can add another control box if required.

I have drawn schematics of our current and desired setup and the image of our current setup to help understand my query,


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Strange behavior - DH sporadically crashes into mandrel/ carriage stops at end position

Hey guys,I am currently working with the 4X-23 at my university. i have encountered the following problem: The DH sporadically crashes into the mandrelWhile performing a winding process (during the carriage linear axis is traversed), the DH linear axis suddenly accelerates and crashes into the turning mandrel, ruining the previously performed windings.The carriage sporadically stops ant the end positionSame initial situation: performing a winding processa and everthing works fine. Suddenly the…

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G-Code Customization: Acceleration

Hello All,I have recently set up my X-Winder but I am running into some issues with the software. Does anyone understand how to implement linear and angular acceleration for the carriage and delivery head? I attempted to use acceleration within the G1 and G6 commands but I did not notice any appreciable acceleration.More generally, has anyone been provided more detailed instructions with respect to customizing the X-Winder's G-Code? The FAQ page mentions a "For Developers: Programming /…

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[Meta] Proposal: Keep only the Forum

Hi everyone,I've read the blog entries and forum topics from this community, and they are essencially used in the same way: for questions and to showcase results. Since the community is still rather small, it is essencial to concentrate all the participation on one "place" so that people don't get confused (like me at first) and there is more interaction. I propose to convert all the blog entries to forum topics. Another good addition to the user experience would be to log in using Google or…

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Using Xwinder to apply Heat Shrink Tape?

Hi All!I am about ready to get the Xwinder however does anyone know if the Xwinder has the ability to, or can be modified to, wrap the mandrel and part with Dunstone's Heat Shrink Tape? The application we plan on using it for requires Heat Shrink tape at 2.5" width and 50% overlap.Looking at the design of the Xwinder I believe that I would probably have to modify the delivery head to be able to pass through the 2.5" wide tape.If anyone has been able to do that or has any input I would really…

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Hey guys,I am currently working with the 4X-23 at my university. i have encountered the following problem: The DH sporadically crashes into the mandrelWhile performing a winding process (during the carriage linear axis is traversed), the DH linear…
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