Almost up and running!

Hello all. I recently received my 4 Axis machine and am eager to get going with it. I have it set up on 12' long bars and have a few questions from the community. 1. I have noticed that my set up has a decent amount of torsional flex and sag. I will be adding more foot pads to it to compensate, but would like to know of any experience regarding how this adversely affects the part, and if anyone has done more than just add more foot pads? 2. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to do test…

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curved mandrels and other non symmetrical forms etc

Hello to all of you equally. Its my first post here, so straight to the point. I have been lurking here for a while to find more user reviews and opinions about this great looking machine. Reason why im still waiting before buying one (money of course) is that i would like to see or hear how have you succeeded to make non symmetrical tubes, like slightly bent tubes (bicycle frame tubes for example) or conical tubes, or any else form. Is it possible with this machine ? Another thing i have been…

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Mississippi State University Space Cowboys, Progress With the X-Winder

Just wanted to share some of what Mississippi State University's rocket design team has been using our X-Winder for! We're currently working towards setting a speed record for a collegiate rocket launch at just over Mach 4, and a huge part of that is using filament wound composite motor cases and air-frames to cut down the weight of our rockets. The pictures are of a filament wound 54mm motor case and hydro-static pressure test article. The motor case stood up to the firing of a J425 solid…

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4Axis issues

Hello everyone. I have worked with this winder for few weeks now. I'm still unable to get DH Linear to work properly. The problem seems to be that the executor software doesn't recognize the position signal from the motor. If i check "Help"-> "about" the settings look like this:…

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Dan Tryon replied to Walker Martin's discussion Almost up and running!
"I run test windings with string, thread, yarn, etc.  Lots of cheap materials to work out patterns before switching to carbon or glass.  I use a drill to wrap the "test string" back onto a piece of PVC pipe when I'm done.  Then I reuse the test strin…"
Dan Tryon replied to Jeremy Platt's discussion Mandrel creation and release
"I have success with collapsable mandrels. "
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Oct 6
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Some great work at the Univ. of Utah with the X-Winder, check out this YouTube Video.
Oct 6
Guilford Smith replied to Jarkko Kononen's discussion curved mandrels and other non symmetrical forms etc
"Hello Jarkko, I do not yet have an X-Winder, but have been intrigued by it since the initial Kickstarter listing. I believe that it would be possible to add a 80/20 rail & stepper motor at each end of the main axis of rotation and perpendicular to t…"
Oct 3
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Vitaliy Shirokow replied to Vitaliy Shirokow's discussion Sliding end winds
"Hi Jacob!

I used step motor drivers that are puposed  for Mach3 specialy. You can't use original X-winder's controller (Phidgestepper) with a parallel port. You can use it only with usb.
Sep 12
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"Виталий, добрый день.Мне хотелось бы получить обратную связь по опыту эксплуатации намотчиков X-Winder. Если не сложно, то давайте спишемся или созвонимся.Почта: m.v.ocherednikov@mail.ruМаксим."
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Sep 9
Nicholas Finch replied to Nicholas Finch's discussion Finishing Tips and tube thickness
"Hi mate, we used the heat shrink as a release layer on the mandrel, and for that purpose it worked fine.

We have moved to vacum bagging our stuff, after moving off the winder, and had excellent results.

We also refined our squeege system ( the squ…"
Sep 2

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