I am using the 4.16 version. As the carrier reaches the left and right ends of the mandrel, the DH does not advance to the left or right DH advance point. It stays at the DH Offset from mandrel surface. After the [CW ELLIPSE AT LEFT END] move, I then get the error shown above. This repeats until I stop the wind. However, if I pause the wind at either end during the wind, after a minute or so, the DH will advance to said point. 

If anyone has any comments or suggestion,…

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Hi there everyone,


my buddy and I have started doing trial winds for our composite-overwrapped pressure vessel with 3D printed mandrels, just to get the hang of the machine. 

BUT we are having problems - does anyone know a fix to these? 

1) The DH rotary or the DH linear motor do not respond to software inputs and don't move sometimes (not even when when winding - sometimes even when we just say "go home"). At times, everything will work fine and then…

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X-Winder CAD Files

I am currently working on a project in an undergradate research role. We are working closely with X-Winder products, and I was hoping I could find a model of any X-Winder series to use in a simulation. I would love to use the whole assembly, but only the chuck plate dimensions are absolutely essential at this time. Due to the quarentine for the COVID-19 outbreak in my area, I cannot go in to get dimensions to make my own model. 

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Error type Mismatch 13 and wrong directions

Hi everyone, I am using the XWinder for more then 2 years and I am actually facing a big problem... Last summer I have done the update of the software from the version 16 to the version 22 and the programm I was operating stopped functionning correctly. The problems were that while running the programm, all the steps were upside down which means that when the carriage was supposed to move to the right, it was moving to the left... However, the manual operations were working correctly and also…

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Rotate Mandrel in CCW direction

I can't get the mandrel to rotate anti-clockwise. Have tried M3 and M5 and also a S-70, none seem to work. M3 still did clockwise, M4 does clockwise, M5 stops the wind, M2 isn't recognised. Any help please, have changed my head setup and would prefer anti-clockwise winding. Only option for now is to somehow bodge the motor the other way around! Thanks, Alastair

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