4axis winding stops and gets stuck at the hemi ends


We are a group of undergraduate students who are currently working on the winding of a pressure vessel. We have successfully assembled the machine and calibrated it to account for any offsets. During our initial tests using the trace function to ensure proper alignment, everything appeared to be in order. However, we encountered difficulties when attempting to initiate the 4-axis hemi end winding process.

To kickstart this process, the machine's executor homes it, aligning itself with the mandrel's starting position and patiently awaiting our manual input. Here is where the unusual part of the sequence begins.

The G1 command is executed, moving the carriage to the end of the mandrel. Subsequently, the G2 command should follow, but it seems to become stuck either before or after the DH (Directional Heading) moves towards the mandrel's holders. This delay can last for approximately a minute, even in fast mode. Following this, the machine moves away from the mandrel and towards the right end, where it encounters a similar issue with the G3 command.

It's worth noting that the occurrence of these issues is entirely random, and they can happen after varying numbers of passes. 

For a visual demonstration of the problem we've described, you can watch two videos by following the link below.


In this video, the G2 command does not get executed properly which is obvious by the DH not moving foward towards the mandrel holders at the ends.


In this video, a similar problem is encountered. This time at the right end with the G3 command, although this time the DH moves towards the mandrel holder but gets stuck.



Things we have tested to try to eliminate the problem without any success: 
- Different winding patterens angles and all the other parameters you can change in the designer. 

- Different filament width and thickness 

- Running the designer software on different PCs although they are all running windows 11. 

- Running the software as an administrator and trying with windows xp, 7 compatibility modes.

- Switched the DHL and DHR motor. 

- Used another USB-hub with dedicated powersupply.

- Turned off all power saving mode options on the laptops.


Is there a fix to this issue? 

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