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Detached:phidgetStepper Phidget

Dear sir/madam,

 please anybody let me know how I should handle this error

Error is like that

“Detached:phidgetStepper Phidget

Bipolar Stepper Controller 1-motor 507314202”


This error occurs frequently,


Thanks, and best regards



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Does anyone us a filament modeling software?

Hello, I'm having some issues with my fiber placement. Trying to wind dry fiber onto a smaller spool with flanges, and the winder is dwelling on  one side of the spool and not the other or will switch back and forth. Wondering if there is any modeling software that will work with the xwinder for filament winding. 


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Filament Skipping

Hi everyone this is my first time posting here. I am noticing an issue with the start of the second pass of a helical wind. On the second pass it tends to space out a good distance from the first pass going from right to left. On the return from left to right everything starts falling into place from there on.

Is there a reason why it does this and is there a way to fix it? I’ll get a picture tomorrow when I make a tube.

Your help is most appreciated.

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Y-Axis Offset

I am having some trouble correctly setting my Y-Axis offset on my 4-axis X-Winder.  I am told to measure from the centerline of the mandrel to the delivery head.  I am told that the default is 4.625 inch.  What I am not sure of is, where on the delivery head do I measure to?  I have tried measuring just to the face of the steel roller, to the centerline of the roller and to the point on the roller fartheest from the mandrel centerline and, when I run my code, the roller on the delivery head seems to want to come in contact with my mandrel.  I would appreciate any helpful hints.  Tim.

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Hi, I am new to filament winding and is trying to wrap an aluminium cylinderical shape. I am facing issues with the delivery head angle. The angle of the delivery head is inversed throughout the winding. [Example: When moving the carriage from Right to Left (G1), looking from the direction of the delivery head, the angle it +45 deg instead of -45 deg.] This causes the filament to slip off the delivery head, causing issues at the end wrap and during its return, the filament would not be resting on the roller anymore.

I would be able to make the changes in the G code. However if anyone could identify what is wrong, where the software generates angles of the delivery head inverse if what it should be.

I had upoaded a picture of the start position of the wrap to illustrate the issue of the delivery head angle.

Would greatly appreciate your help.


Best Regards,


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Windings are too tight

I'm new around these parts. 
I recently purchased an X winder second hand and ive been playing around with it. 

Obviously im learning as i go, but one of the biggest issues that im having now is that my mandrel, even though its wrapped in receipt paper and packing tape, my windings are impossible to remove from the mandrel. 

Am i missing something? Is my brake too tight? From the video i watched there was no struggle in removing them part from the mandrel. 

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More Torque?

I am using my X-Winder to make test panels. The mandrel is square peice of aluminium flat stock. as a cosequence the torque value changes as the mandrel spins. I need to increase the size of the motor to get more torque, Going from the original Nema 23 stepper 57HSG76-3004JA what motor could I get that would increase my torque but still mate with the original gear box?

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oval sizing

if I'm wrapping a oval shaped mandrel thats about 80mm by 30mm what do i set at the mandrel size in the software?  80mm? or do i have to calculate the circumference? 

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Tech Support

How can I contact Turner Hunt for support ??

I'm needing to write complete nc code file by hand and have ran into issues with the "A" value.

I need to hoop back and forth at various stop and start positions. What I want is to turn the mandrel on at a set speed and drive "Z" back and forth. It seems the machine is wanting to know how many revolutions the mandrel has to turn between points. I have appx. 50 plys to wind and really need this "A" value to go away. Is there anyway to accomplish this ??

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Xwinder on Raspberry Pi

I want to run the Designer and Executor on a Raspberry Pi rather than 'dedicate' a laptop to the task.  I can't run Wine on a Pi, is there a way to compile the Designer/Executor for Linux/RasPi?  Alternatively, are there open source winding codes that could be run in place of the xwinder D/E software?

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Varible Diameters

Hello Everyone,

 Still very new to winding and so far things are moving forward easily. I have a project to do with a cylinder that has different diameters and tapered sections throughout the length maintaining a constant thickness. Has anyone had success doing similar shapes and if so could you point me in the right direction ??

Thanks !!!

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Stuff I have made

I bought my X winder a while ago, I have the first version.  Its been frustrating getting used to the software and its problems but rewarding in the long run.  I have concentrated more on building in natural fibres

Here is a triple asymmetric helix in Sisal/epoxy

Symmetrical triple helix in Sisal/epoxy

Symmetrical triple helix over wrapped in sisal/epoxy

quad symmetrical helix in sisal/epoxy

Let me know what you think!

If anyone is interested I can show my carbon creations next.

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