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More Torque?

I am using my X-Winder to make test panels. The mandrel is square peice of aluminium flat stock. as a cosequence the torque value changes as the mandrel spins. I need to increase the size of the motor to get more torque, Going from the original Nema 23 stepper 57HSG76-3004JA what motor could I get that would increase my torque but still mate with the original gear box?

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oval sizing

if I'm wrapping a oval shaped mandrel thats about 80mm by 30mm what do i set at the mandrel size in the software?  80mm? or do i have to calculate the circumference? 

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Tech Support

How can I contact Turner Hunt for support ??

I'm needing to write complete nc code file by hand and have ran into issues with the "A" value.

I need to hoop back and forth at various stop and start positions. What I want is to turn the mandrel on at a set speed and drive "Z" back and forth. It seems the machine is wanting to know how many revolutions the mandrel has to turn between points. I have appx. 50 plys to wind and really need this "A" value to go away. Is there anyway to accomplish this ??

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Xwinder on Raspberry Pi

I want to run the Designer and Executor on a Raspberry Pi rather than 'dedicate' a laptop to the task.  I can't run Wine on a Pi, is there a way to compile the Designer/Executor for Linux/RasPi?  Alternatively, are there open source winding codes that could be run in place of the xwinder D/E software?

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Varible Diameters

Hello Everyone,

 Still very new to winding and so far things are moving forward easily. I have a project to do with a cylinder that has different diameters and tapered sections throughout the length maintaining a constant thickness. Has anyone had success doing similar shapes and if so could you point me in the right direction ??

Thanks !!!

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Stuff I have made

I bought my X winder a while ago, I have the first version.  Its been frustrating getting used to the software and its problems but rewarding in the long run.  I have concentrated more on building in natural fibres

Here is a triple asymmetric helix in Sisal/epoxy

Symmetrical triple helix in Sisal/epoxy

Symmetrical triple helix over wrapped in sisal/epoxy

quad symmetrical helix in sisal/epoxy

Let me know what you think!

If anyone is interested I can show my carbon creations next.

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