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torque adjustments

I am new to the x winder. After a few hickups, I completed some good 2 axis winds in 3 axis mode. My question is on the subject of winding torque... How do i know if i need more torque or less torque on a particular motor? Do i increase torque for la

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4 Replies · Reply by Josh Backel Jun 17

Maximum motor size

I want to upgrade my 2-axis X-winder to make larger parts. So I'm thinking about changing to a more powerful stepper motor for the mandrel. What is the maximum stepper motor size that I can use with the existing controller?

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configuration file

Hi, all.

Got 2axis and 4 axis windr. 2axis one is running on of th first software version and in it's directory there is config file i can manualy edit (basicy making changes does not need to use Wizard).
In 4 axis with software 4.25 can't finde such f

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Used X Winder for sale?

Hello everyone,


I am interested in aquireing one X Winder, it does not matter

if it is a 2 or 4 DOF I just would like to see how it works.


If you have one that you have no need for anymore, please

drop me a note.





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Variable Winding Angle? Cone Formation

Hi, I am comtemplating purchasing an x-winder to do some prototyping and I wanted to make sure the system will meet our needs.  In the x-winder software, are you able to vary the wind angle within a single layer? We are wanting to produce a cone by h

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3 Replies · Reply by Scott Nov 11, 2020