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oval tubing

if I'm wrapping a oval shaped mandrel thats about 80mm by 30mm what do i set at the mandrel size in the software?  80mm? or do i have to calculate the circumference? 

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Random Delivery Head Fault


Has anyone else encountered an error with the delivery head were at a random point in a wind sequence it will just ram the payout eye into the mandrel and drag it along to the end of carriage axis? I have checked the g-code and cant find any error

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3 Replies · Reply by Vitali Jul 19, 2017

Parameter A in the G code


Explain what the parameter A means in each frame of the G code please.

G1 F4,00 Z21,35 S10,25 C112,81 A187,02  [MOVE LEFT END]
G2 K40,00 F0,37 Z23,74 E2,17 Y0,12 R1,25 B42,65 U1,22 V2,39 H21,35 W0,12 S6,00 C163,00 A350,02 [CW ELLIPSE AT LEFT END]

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3 Replies · Reply by Turner Hunt Jun 27, 2017

some improvements


I made this roller gluing two concave rollers and washers. This helps keeping the filament centered. I was having issues with the filament slipping out of the flat roller and getting stuck in the side.

I'm thinking on buying a 3D printer and making

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Sliding end winds

Hi everyone!

I use XW-2 and have a problem that I hadn't managed to solve. The end winds slide down of mandrel when the carrige changes direction. How can I fix the plies?

My ideas as follows:

1. to change a winding angle at the end of the mandrel, I me

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11 Replies · Reply by greg spohn Jan 29, 2017

Issues with 4th axis

Hi there

i just assambled the Xwinder and startet runnig some tests.

Now there are some issues with die DHR axis. Firstly on the drawings tabbed ring for locating the axis seems to be at a 45° angl towards the roller which isn't possible if the holes a

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4 Replies · Reply by Lauri Valtonen Dec 15, 2016