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limit switch issue

when i begin my winding (2x) the carriage will go to the limit switch and then begin the next process but when it comes back it will hit the limit switch hard and just bang against it. i have tried messing with the z offset value but it keeps doing i

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6 Replies · Reply by Mike Mace Jul 25, 2019

4-Axis Set-up

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to set-up a trial run of the 4X-23. I've successfully run the 2x demo G-script using the 2X settings, however, I'm having issues when trialling the 4X demo script. When running the 4X script the machine correctly re-positi

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2 Replies · Reply by Henry James Jul 9, 2019

4-Axis to 2-Axis Conversion

Hello. I have ordered the 2X-23 Delivery Head 4X-23 Conversion kit and am waiting for delivery. I assume there will be instructions provided with the kit but wanted to know if there any resources available to get me started prior to the arrival of th

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Hello, is there a better explanation of how to wire the winder up? I'm just not understanding how there are 4 identical axis controllers and dont see how they are labled or defined in the assembly pdf online, my winders didnt come with a user manual.

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2 Replies · Reply by Samuel VanDenBerg Feb 19, 2019

Carriage Direction?

I've set up and have been getting familiar with the setup (we have a 4X-34 setup).  Everything seems to running smooth, except the carriage directionality seems to be off.  When I press the 'right' option the carriage goes away from the end with the

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1 Reply · Reply by Aaron Lederhose Nov 18, 2018

Winding angles

Hello everyone,


How have you been going with winding angle selection? I understand the 90’ is optimal for burst strength (which many of you will use for rocketry), but I am generally trying to optimise bending stiffness. I started out using all 45’ p

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1 Reply · Reply by Larry Ortega May 30, 2018

layer thickness

is there a calualtion or table where is can figure out the thickenss of different degree completed layers. like i have incountered that 12k tow at 75 degrees is .48-.55 mm for a completed single layer. this would be really helpful when trying to deci

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1 Reply · Reply by Alexander Solis May 12, 2018

Issues Please Help

Hello everyone, Great to be part of this forum for this machine, already thinking about how I can redesign the squeeze without even winding yet.
I have been having extensive trouble and been trying to get my 4-axis X-winder up and working over the pa

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11 Replies · Reply by Andrew Jones Mar 23, 2018