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Winding angles

Hello everyone,


How have you been going with winding angle selection? I understand the 90’ is optimal for burst strength (which many of you will use for rocketry), but I am generally trying to optimise bending stiffness. I started out using all 45’ p

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1 Reply · Reply by Larry Ortega May 30, 2018

layer thickness

is there a calualtion or table where is can figure out the thickenss of different degree completed layers. like i have incountered that 12k tow at 75 degrees is .48-.55 mm for a completed single layer. this would be really helpful when trying to deci

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1 Reply · Reply by Alexander Solis May 12, 2018

Issues Please Help

Hello everyone, Great to be part of this forum for this machine, already thinking about how I can redesign the squeeze without even winding yet.
I have been having extensive trouble and been trying to get my 4-axis X-winder up and working over the pa

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11 Replies · Reply by Andrew Jones Mar 23, 2018