X-winder for sale (UK) Model 4X-23


X-Winder Carbon Fibre Tube Winder. 4-Axis, Model 4X-23.
The winder has been lightly used. We used it for making tubes for a prototype bike. But we haven't done carbon stuff for a while now and it's taking up space. One of the endstop switches is in need of replacement (see image). Supplied with three long 2m bars. All parts supplied. Also advertised here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394705504472
Software also supplied.
Frame and Carriage: standard 1" aluminum extrusions
Length: up to 20 feet (3m) - 3x 2m long bars included with this one (not standard)
Mandrel width: up to 8" (200mm) in width
Mandrel Max. RPM: 90
Carriage Max. Speed: 8in/s (200mm/s)
Electrical Power: 110v/220v AC with 24V/3A DC to the stepper motors
Mandrel & Carriage Motors: geared NEMA 23 stepper motors with 800 oz-in (60 kg cm) holding torque
Delivery Head Motors: geared NEMA 17 stepper motors with 250 oz-in (20 kg cm) holding torque
Drive Belts: "L" type 1/2" (12mm) wide for carriage and mandrel and "XL" belts for delivery head
Filament Tension: adjustable strap friction mechanism
Reel Holder: single reel as standard (not the dual reel option)
Resin Bath: 1 qty, 6 fluid ounce resin bath (170 cc^3)
Carriage Wheels: custom dual bearings with 8mm axle
Electronics: switch controller box and 4 axis controller boxes with USB cables (not sold separately)
Software: X-Winder Designer program and Executor software packages standard (not sold separately)
Note on Belts: X-Winder ships with "L" size belt of 18 feet (5.6m) long - enough for about an 8 foot long (2.5m) X-Winder. For additional length, you'll need a longer L-Belt.
Note on Long Bars: https://xwinder.com/supplies/
Cost new: $4,695.00
Specifications and further details:


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