Motors not receiving input from executor.


We recently upgraded the computer that controls our 2 axis Xwinder machine, but now the motors don't seem to be recieving input from the Xwinder software. When I run the setup wizard it recongizes the board ID numbers for the stepper motor control boards, but the buttons for left, right, CCW and CW don't move the mandrel or carriage. The same thing happens when I try to use manual control. In the executor software, it shows a green box next to the I/O board, and mandrel and carriage boards, and it recognizes if I unplug the usb cord to either board. I also verified that the power supply is delivering power to the control boards. What else can I try to troubleshoot this?


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  • Do you have power to the motors ? Sounds like a stupid quesiton, but sometimes overlooked.

    Without power the I/O board and the Stepper control boards will indicate a green light as though they were active.

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