Turner Hunt commented on Henry James's blog post Delivery Head Retraction
"Hi Henry,
We hope to release version 4.21 by Aug 23 that will address this issue and others. I'll let you know when new software build is available.
Aug 3
Turner Hunt replied to max k's discussion limit switch issue
"We've located this bug in the code, it happens to be an inverse tanget function that divides by zero, and this is what causes the carriage to ram the limit switch ... this should never happen. It happens on some combinations of mandrel diameter and…"
Jul 9
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Apr 15
Turner Hunt commented on J. Darcy's blog post Xwinder on Raspberry Pi
"X-Winder software is for a Windows PC, not Rasapberry Pi."
Apr 15
Turner Hunt commented on Luke's blog post Windings are too tight
"Once you apply the receipt paper and the packing tape, just try to remove that first without any winding. If you can't remove jsut the paner and the tape by itself, you won't be able to remove the fully winded part either."
Apr 15
Turner Hunt commented on Samuel VanDenBerg's blog post Does anyone us a filament modeling software?
There is a video on our YouTube channel about how to modify a g-code file for spool winding you can use the same principle to eliminate the carriage dwells.
If you have any questions email me at xfo@xwinder.com
Turner "
Feb 19
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Feb 15