Stop at Hemi Ends 4x - Win11

Dear Team / Mr. Turner,

We work from the university with the 23-4X XWinder.

In 2-axis mode everything works but as soon as we go into 4-axis mode there are problems.
The DH always stops at each end for a very long time and winds unnecessary material at the ends.
It seems as if the program gets stuck there or lags unnaturally.
In contrast to us, the winding in your videos is a nice fluid movement.
I saw in the blog that you said there are problems with Windows 11.
Are there any solutions or other help?

Thanks in advance - I would appreciate a quick response.

Best regards

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  • Hi Julian,

    When date did you purchase your X-Winder ? Thbere was a period when we shipped a handful of defective axis-controller boards that cause the problem you describe, that is, in 4-axis winding mode at the end of the first pass, the carriage remains motionless and the DH does not extend towards the mandrel as it should and the winding process just seems to stall for a long time.

    You need a new axis controller board for your DH Linear axis - this usually solves the problem. In rare occasions, you'll might need to replace all four axis controller boards, but we've only seen this once. Email me at with more specific questions on this topic if necessary.

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