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Executor stuck at G2 command


I'm doing a single layer wind and I've noticed that the Executor gets stuck at the first G2 CW ellipse at left end. Only the mandrel keeps rotating but all other movements stop. The last total mandrel rotation is 366 degrees but it far surpasses that. Are there any others with this issue? My total run time is supposed to be ~10 minutes and I've seen that it is stuck on this line for more than 80% of the total run time.



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Hi all,

Has anyone interfaced the winding software CADWIND successfully to the Xwinder? I'm having issues where the g-code that CADWIND exports causes very staggered machine movements and often times is very short. Any help would be appreciated.


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4X-23 tutorials

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to ask but I'm new to filament winding and recently set up a 4X-23 unit. I wanted to know if there's a guide on how to set up the winder, going from calibration, fiber loading, to g-code execution and how the designer and executor softwares interface with one another. Tall ask, but any information on any of these topics would greatly help.


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Not enough Tension

The pre-preg tow I'm working with requires a min. of 10 lb tension per tow (according to the manufacturer). I've tightened the velcro strap as much as I can but it only holds up to 3.5lbs of tension. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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X-Winder Connection and Winding Issues

1. the blue lights on the USB connector box won't turn on. It seems to an issue with either the cable that connects the computer to the X-winder or the USB driver box itself but I can't seem to find a way to get it work.

2. When it was working I was trying to get a specific number of fibers wrapped and layered per sample but I need help translating that information to the 2-axis software. So I need a 2.5cm wide piece with ~83 fibers of my filament per layer x 4 complete windings (8 fibers thick). From my math it looks like I would need a 0.45 carriage speed and a 90.2 RPM however i cant seem to manually change these settings so that both occur. Or if there is a better way

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Installation of 4X 23

Hello everyone,

              Has anyone installed Xwinder 4X 23? I have purchased a filament winder 4X 23. I have been trying to assemble it using the long bars from Grainger ( These long bars are recommended by Xwinder on their website. However, I am not able to fit the wheel in t-slots. Does anyone know how to do that? Also, does anyone have a manual for the installation of 4X-23 and the contact number of Xwinder? Also, seems like lots of parts are missing from the assemble.


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How to contact X-winder?

Hi, I want to purchase a 4 axis Model 4x-23. I am in London and need to discuss the shipment.

But I do not find any contact method of X-winder. 

Anyone could tell me how I can talk to them?



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Nose Cone Winding

I am the team lead for our manufacturing division for our college rocketry club. We are looking to move to all in-house production, and one of the more dificult steps is nose cone production. Has anyone dealt with widing nose cones? How did you produce the mandrel to wind on? What was the process of setting and running the X-Winder to deal with the varying diameter as it would near the tip of the cone? Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Intermittent Violent Shaking of Axes

We are trying to set up our X-Winder 4X-23 for the first time.
It seems to be winding great for the first 30 seconds or so but then the motors start shaking back and forth and it loses track of its position.
This has happend both with just the 1 carriage axis but also with all 4 axes at the same time.

Video of 1 Axis shaking:

Video of all 4 Axes shaking:

The time it happends at during the build is somewhat random but seems to occur around the acceleration/decceleration points more often.
I've tried increasing the current from 2.6 to 3.6 on the Mandrel and Carriage axes and it still happens.
Motors are not overheating and are cool to the touch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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X-Winder making bigger projects


I bought X-Winder 2 Axis and now i have decide to make it a bigger machine.

I got few question for you guys. i have 2 Axis X-Winder i would like to know whats maximum motor size for current controller?

I have Nema 17 Stepper motor can this run out an bigger machine or i should bay an new and bigger Nema  Stepper motor?


thank you 



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Y - axis wrong possition

Hi all, 

i have built 4axis winder and now i have problem with linear Y axis. In setup -> 4-axis -> Geometry -> Distance from delivery head to mandrel. If i set anything ( i try from 0 to 300mm, also negative numbers) the result is same. Delivery head goes about 40mm behind mandrel axis when it is to be 2mm from mandrel axis. 


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Hello guys. I have 2 problems with x winder 4 axis-23. I wanna make a linear rectengular shape but i cant define the diamensions. It just tried to wrap a cylindrical shape. that was my first question. my other question is that it is possible to wrap a pointed end like a nose cone used in a rocket. thank you already best regards.

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Mandrel Lagging behind in 4-Axis winding



I'm working on a 6 Inch mandrel with spherical domes and the mandrel speed is slower when fiber is passing the cylindrical region and suddenly speeds up at ends. Is this normal? this causes the fiber not to position near the previous fiber and sometimes pushes the previous placed fiber with it. I haven't seen mandrel speed change during 4-axis winding videos.

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X-Winder for sale

Selling Kickstarter 2 axis version. Haven't used it for about 5 years but when I packed it away it was working. From and ad on a local marketplace:


-Winder Kickstarter version 2m aluminium profile for sale. These are used to custom wrap carbon fiber profile for wings, boom spars, bike tubes etc in carbon fibre, fibreglass, basalt and aramid. I used this successfuly for a couple of months but then stored in for 5 years and no longer have a need for it. These retail for about $4500 AUD.


Condition: has some epoxy resin over the extrusions which don't affect the performance. The t nuts are rusty but could be easily replaced buying the supplies from the X Winder store or elsewhere. Some dirt on the USB cables. Haven't started it up in a couple of years but it worked back then.


Will ship within Australia at buyers cost or internationally without the 2m rails. 

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