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Stop at Hemi Ends 4x - Win11

Dear Team / Mr. Turner,

We work from the university with the 23-4X XWinder.

In 2-axis mode everything works but as soon as we go into 4-axis mode there are problems.
The DH always stops at each end for a very long time and winds unnecessary material at the ends.
It seems as if the program gets stuck there or lags unnaturally.
In contrast to us, the winding in your videos is a nice fluid movement.
I saw in the blog that you said there are problems with Windows 11.
Are there any solutions or other help?

Thanks in advance - I would appreciate a quick response.

Best regards

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Fixing of issues with 4X winding

Hello all,
I am writing to you from Robert Gordon University, UK. My manager bought this X winder equipment from you few month ago and now we are facing issues when it is operated in 4X. We have calculated all the values following your demo videos and generated the G-code. in the start, the carriage moves from right to left direction and keeps the tension but once it reaches at max length, there is no angular rotation of delivery head and carriage doesnot move back to right direction. Could you please help me in sorting this out for me? Maybe there is an issue with G-code. 
Your prompt response will be highly regarded.
Best Regards,
Ayyaz Ali
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DHL problem Y-axis wrong direction

I have a problem when starting 3-axis and 4-axis winding. Before starting, the elements move to their home positions and pressing the switches. 
The carriage and DHR bounce after pressing the switch, but DHL remains on the pressed switch. After that, instead of moving towards the mandrels,
DHL starts pressing on the switch trying to break through it. At this point I have to turn off the program so as not to damage the elements.
Can anyone point out where the problem is? Thank you in advance for your help
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Z Axis offset does not updating location

When I try changing my Z-axis offset to a different number, the winder does not go to that location. My z- axis offset was set to 2.5 inches, I wanted to change that to 5 inches, and even though on I saved the z axis offset as 5 inches, the winder continues to go to the 2.5 inch location instead of the 5 inch location.

Is there anything I should do or am doing incorrectly? I am currently using the 14.9 version of software. 

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Stepper overheating

Good morning,

After assembling the machine 4AXIS we detected that the DHlinear engine was overheating, connections were checked and everything seems correct the only thing we have detected, in the settings as amperage max for one of the stepper motors is 2,8 instead of 4,8 which is set for the other stepper.

We have tried to change it in the configuration and save the changes but these are not saved correctly making even without being manufacturing or without being in motion the stepper gets hot; also We have tried to uninstall the software and reinstall it but that same configuration saved on the machine and as soon as we connect it to the PC the amperage is fixed with the previous values, without saving the modifications. We don’t know what else to try. We don’t know if it is possible to reset the controller configuration.


We would appreciate some help to solve the problem and be able to use the machine because even searching in the forum we have not found anything similar.

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X-Winder working differently every time executed

We are a group of university students who are currently experiencing difficulties in getting our X-Winder machine to function properly. Specifically, when we input the G-Code generated by the X-Winder software, the carriage initially moves to the correct position, but then becomes unresponsive for a period of time, preventing the head from moving towards the mandrel. However, if we immediately rerun the same settings after the initial execution, the head suddenly operates correctly on the left side, but then becomes stuck on the right side. We have noticed that an error code appears in the executor, although we are unable to fully read the error code due to its incomplete visibility. We have provided an image displaying the error for reference. The G-code for the winding where the left side works but not the right side, has been attached.

CPV left side working.txt


In addition to this issue, we are also encountering a problem with the Y-offset. Despite adjusting the y-axis offset, it does not result in any changes in the y direction. To achieve the correct distance for the DH linear, we have found that we need to input a negative distance in the path offset.


If anyone has a functional G-Code that they could share with us, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to try it out. This will help us determine whether the issue lies with the G-Code or our X-Winder machine.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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2 Axis X-Winder Software


I have been recently tasked with making my university (Queen's University) 2 Axis X-Winder operational again.

Would it be possible to be sent the software for the 2-axis X-Winder? 

Also, could I have a quote for a replacement carriage limit switch please? 

Image preview

           Figure 1. 2 Axis XWinder

Image preview

     Figure 2. Carriage Limit Switch 

If additional detail is required please don't hesitate to ask 

Best Regards 



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Keeps going even after it hit limit switch

When I run the program, the X-Winder will stop once it hits the carriage limit switch, and then it will keep going past the limit switch. This keeps happening, and I had to buy more limit switches as this has broken the prior limit switch. At first I thought it was an issue with the parameter set-up for the offset, but when I double checked that the offset was correct. How do I fix this issue?

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2 Axis Winder

Seeking a 2 axis winder.

Store doesn't seem to stock them anymore; only 4 axis available.

Can anyone advise when 2 axis might be available, and the cost?

Is there anyone that no longer wants their 2 axis and would sell?




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4-axis winding mode stuck at the hemi-ends


We are a group of undergraduate students who are currently working on the winding of a pressure vessel. We have successfully assembled the machine and calibrated it to account for any offsets. During our initial tests using the trace function to ensure proper alignment, everything appeared to be in order. However, we encountered difficulties when attempting to initiate the 4-axis hemi end winding process.

To kickstart this process, the machine's executor homes it, aligning itself with the mandrel's starting position and patiently awaiting our manual input. Here is where the unusual part of the sequence begins.

The G1 command is executed, moving the carriage to the end of the mandrel. Subsequently, the G2 command should follow, but it seems to become stuck either before or after the DH (Directional Heading) moves towards the mandrel's holders. This delay can last for approximately a minute, even in fast mode. Following this, the machine moves away from the mandrel and towards the right end, where it encounters a similar issue with the G3 command.

It's worth noting that the occurrence of these issues is entirely random, and they can happen after varying numbers of passes. 

For a visual demonstration of the problem we've described, you can watch two videos by following the link below.


In this video, the G2 command does not get executed properly which is obvious by the DH not moving foward towards the mandrel holders at the ends.

In this video, a similar problem is encountered. This time at the right end with the G3 command, although this time the DH moves towards the mandrel holder but gets stuck.


Things we have tested to try to eliminate the problem without any success: 
- Different winding patterens angles and all the other parameters you can change in the designer. 

- Different filament width and thickness 

- Running the designer software on different PCs although they are all running windows 11. 

- Running the software as an administrator and trying with windows xp, 7 compatibility modes.

- Switched the DHL and DHR motor. 

- Used another USB-hub with dedicated powersupply.

- Turned off all power saving mode options on the laptops.


Is there a fix to this issue? 



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Issues with 4axis winder


I've been trying to get my 4-axis X-winder running for the better part of a couple days, and I've had a few issues that I can seem to resolve.

  1. During the first pass of the winder, the delivery head dwells at the first end for a couple of extra seconds, I have no way of adjusting that beyond changing the G-code, but it seems silly that there isnt just a quick fix.
  2. The timing belt for the rotary head seems wrong the, it fits correctly to the stepper motor gear, but does not fit well at all to the delivery head. It seems the teeth on the plastic part is inccorect or the belt it wrong. 
  3. In the software the end view designer seems to be wrong for lower phi values. I get completed enclosed endcaps.

Any help and suggestions would greatly appreciated.


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Motors not receiving input from executor.


We recently upgraded the computer that controls our 2 axis Xwinder machine, but now the motors don't seem to be recieving input from the Xwinder software. When I run the setup wizard it recongizes the board ID numbers for the stepper motor control boards, but the buttons for left, right, CCW and CW don't move the mandrel or carriage. The same thing happens when I try to use manual control. In the executor software, it shows a green box next to the I/O board, and mandrel and carriage boards, and it recognizes if I unplug the usb cord to either board. I also verified that the power supply is delivering power to the control boards. What else can I try to troubleshoot this?


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Mandrel Ends

We recently acquired a 4x-23 winder. From the photos I have seen it seems the mandrel tubes should be terminated with a plastic cap having a metal piece that attaches a tube that fits the chuck. Since these are not provided with the winder, does anyone have drawings or CAD files for these pieces? I have not been able to find these with my internet searches. Your help is appreciated.

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Asking about cover of Mandrel motor

We have a 4-axis winding machine in our company and we want to cover the belt of the mandrel motor for safety reasons,so iam asking if you manufacture this cover,i want to buy it.
the added picture shows you the belt.


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Stuck at line 35

I am using the 4X-23 model xwinder device and have downloaded and installed the software (version 4.18). However, when calibrating, I noticed that the position and speed information is not being read in the setup screen, although it appears on the main screen and the device is moving. Additionally, when running a sample G-code in the program, the device gets stuck at line 35 (G2 command) and does not move forward. How can I solve these issues?

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