Hey guys,

I am currently working with the 4X-23 at my university. i have encountered the following problem:

  •  The DH sporadically crashes into the mandrel

While performing a winding process (during the carriage linear axis is traversed), the DH linear axis suddenly accelerates and crashes into the turning mandrel, ruining the previously performed windings.

  • The carriage sporadically stops ant the end position

Same initial situation: performing a winding processa and everthing works fine. Suddenly the carriage moves in the end stop and stays there while the mandrel keeps on rotating forever (until you stop the process). Therefore the chuck of the mandrel is wraped up in roving.

In both cases the XWinder Executor displays no error messages yet showing the correct G-code to be performed and the actual current moving pattern of the stepper motors (f.ex. "mandrel turning at xyz°/sec"). 

My troubleshooting so far:

  • Created several winding patterns in the XWinder Designer software, tried all of them. Sometimes, there is no error, sometimes there is an error in the same winding pattern. As I wrote: these errors occur sporadically, i can't reproduce them.
  • Checked the G-code output file of the Designer. Everything is fine as it should be. I even created my own G-code and let the Executor perform it: no errors.


Have any of you ever had problems like these? Or any idea what produces there errors? I suspect a software problem in the Executor or hardware problems of the driver boards.


Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany



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