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  • How did you make this?

    • You can write me on Mesenger:)



  • Can you please share where you got your Towpreg. I would like to give it a try as long as it is within my ovens ability to cure it. Thank you

    • This one is from a german company SGL..Sigrapreg 24K. The minimal order is 6kg of trowpreg, but it takes 1 year in fridge. The delivery time is about one week. Sometimes, I tried also 50K from Zoltek company from USA, but it was too wide from motors. But now, two months, I am waiting 12k towpreg from Hexcel France. It depends, where you are from..sometimes I wanted 6K towpreg from TCR Composites, but it was a hard communication:) so they didn´t sent me:)

    • I checked out that sigrapreg and it looks great. Love the varying cure temps. Doesn't say too much info on all resin types they have available. 

      How much did you pay for the 6kg spool? 6kg is not a bad minumum order depending on the price of course.


      thank you Milos Marec

    • It was 70€/kg of roving. On one spool, there is 1,2kg of carbon roving, together 5 spools, 420€. It is 6,4mm wide and a work with it is also good:)

  • Do you have any photos os how this was created?

    • Sorry, I haven´t. But, when I will produce another one, I will post photoes:)

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