4-Axis Will Not Execute Custom G-Code

Hi, I am a new user so this may have a simple fix that I am not aware of.


I am trying to create a 45-degree 2-axis layup in 3-axis mode. The 4-axis winder that I am working with has been having an issue where the dwell times are different on each end. On the far end it goes around more than 360 degrees before moving to the close end. On the close end, it does not dwell at all! This has caused it to drag the filament and ruin the layup. 

To fix this, I have been trying to edit the g-code. However, the machine has no interest in actually following the instructons that I have been giving it. I have been saving my changes to XW_G-Code_Files, and I am not sure where else I could be saving them.


My questions are:

- Where should I be saving the edits? Why won't the machine follow my instructions?

- What are some good methods for getting the winder to dwell correctly on each end of a 3-axis layup without slipping?

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