Almost up and running!

Hello all.

I recently received my 4 Axis machine and am eager to get going with it. I have it set up on 12' long bars and have a few questions from the community.

1. I have noticed that my set up has a decent amount of torsional flex and sag. I will be adding more foot pads to it to compensate, but would like to know of any experience regarding how this adversely affects the part, and if anyone has done more than just add more foot pads?

2. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to do test windings using cheap material such as the plastic twine they give you at Home Depot to tie down your stuff, or maybe a thin ribbon from the craft store? It seems this could save some money while working out the bugs...Any thoughts or experience?

Thanks for reading.



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  • I run test windings with string, thread, yarn, etc.  Lots of cheap materials to work out patterns before switching to carbon or glass.  I use a drill to wrap the "test string" back onto a piece of PVC pipe when I'm done.  Then I reuse the test string easily by sliding the pvc pipe onto the X-winder the next time I want to run a test. 

    • Dan,

      Sorry for the late reply..I have been stuck in a jungle...I appreciate the input and will be giving it a try before I move forward with my prepreg tow..Talk soon.

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