DH Linear Does not recognize Hardware ID

Need help with setting up this thing. After I fill in all the data in every step of the setup wizard ( motors`movement verified, max amp for motors are in suggested value), I press "save and exit". And the executor window comes up, in tracing mode, however, the machine does not move at all (I think it shoudl move like a printer to initiate itself). Within the hardware monitor section of the executor (top mid part of the window), all lights are green. Then, I close the executor by pressing stop button (or x button on upper right conor). And then, I press on "manual" button on x winder designer, the executor pops up again saying "unknown stepper control board attached" and I can see , within the harware monitor section, DH LINEAR light turns off (a hollow black square). Then I user "manual operation"function to hand select the Board ID number into DH LINEAR, and test the motor, everything works. But when I shut off manual operation window, I can see, on the x winder executor window, the DH LINEAR light is still off, which means, the software still does not recognize the motor. And it says control board conflict. I have rewired x controller boxes, and tried to put different  Board # in to DH LINEAR, the software fails to recognized everything in DH LINEAR.How do I solve this problem? Now I am stucked on the "HOME" step, every time I try to home it, it says unknown stepper control board attached, and asks me to run another setup wizard again.

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  • Hi Marek, thank you for your reply. My problem is sloved by using X-Winder Designer and Executor Software version 4.16. I was using version 4.20 before. If you are using 4.2, uninstall it, and download a version 4.16 from http://www.xwinder.com/BUILD/. ;

  • Hi, we have the same problem on all windows 10 machies. On one win8 computer the Designer works well. It started to happen in August or September, so it may be connected with some recent update for Win10.   Marek

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