Filament Skipping

Hi everyone this is my first time posting here. I am noticing an issue with the start of the second pass of a helical wind. On the second pass it tends to space out a good distance from the first pass going from right to left. On the return from left to right everything starts falling into place from there on.

Is there a reason why it does this and is there a way to fix it?

Your help is most appreciated.

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    • I made a tube the other day with a winding angle of 20 degrees on fast speeds of 27.3 mandrel RPM and 6”/min carriage speed.

      On the second layer, which is a helical layer, there were gaps. On the fourth layer which is also a helical layer, the pattern was perfect, there was no gaps. However, when it got to the sixth layer, another helical pass, I ended up with two gaps from the L602 passes.

      I will wind even slower next time and I will post the results


    • Did a trial wind with his suggestions... now the fwd pass gaps and the return pass is fine. I suppose i can check my speeds and try different things. 

    • Were those gaps already there or did the filament move somehow? I will make another tube this coming weekend with the speeds tested to see if I get better results. 

      Hopefully this gets fixed soon, because I would like to wind with faster speeds with no issues.

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