G-Code Customization: Acceleration

Hello All,

I have recently set up my X-Winder but I am running into some issues with the software. Does anyone understand how to implement linear and angular acceleration for the carriage and delivery head? I attempted to use acceleration within the G1 and G6 commands but I did not notice any appreciable acceleration.

More generally, has anyone been provided more detailed instructions with respect to customizing the X-Winder's G-Code? The FAQ page mentions a "For Developers: Programming / Hacking" section but I have not been able to find it. 

Thanks for the help!

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  • The hackers statement only implies that you are able to modify the gcode and nothing more. In the latest version of the software there is an accerlation parameter for the carriage. I pointed this out to turner hunt awhile back ago as to reduce the harsh take off speed of the carriage and allow for better filament placement at the turn arounds.

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