Hand editing of G-Code


I saw a latest video, where a hand editing of G-Code is shown. I want to ask you, how I have to do it?

I can edit it only in NotePad, but it is .txt format. XWinder works with .x2d format.


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  • Milos Marec,

    I got home and I checked the files. The file that is saved with a .X2G extension is the gcode file and the .X2D is the design file. The .X2G is the file you can edit in NotePad and should save as .X2G format.

  • Hi Milos Marec,

    Is the .x2d file type in the XW_GCODE folder? If it is not there then that is the designer file. There should be two files that are saved by the designer. One is a designer file and the other is the g-code file that can be edited in NotePad. Hopefully this helps.

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