[Meta] Proposal: Keep only the Forum

Hi everyone,

I've read the blog entries and forum topics from this community, and they are essencially used in the same way: for questions and to showcase results. 

Since the community is still rather small, it is essencial to concentrate all the participation on one "place" so that people don't get confused (like me at first) and there is more interaction. 

I propose to convert all the blog entries to forum topics. 

Another good addition to the user experience would be to log in using Google or Facebook, which is shown to improve registration and retention rates. 

I understand that everything comes at a cost, but the transmission of knowledge could be invaluable, not just from a phylosophical point of view, but from a marketing and feedback perspective.


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  • Fully agree!  We are in urgent need of knowledge sharing from other users.

    We also have our own experiences/knowledge and improvements to share with our 4 axis and 16" mandrel 34 motor upgrades.

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