Just wanted to share some of what Mississippi State University's rocket design team has been using our X-Winder for!

We're currently working towards setting a speed record for a collegiate rocket launch at just over Mach 4, and a huge part of that is using filament wound composite motor cases and air-frames to cut down the weight of our rockets. The pictures are of a filament wound 54mm motor case and hydro-static pressure test article. The motor case stood up to the firing of a J425 solid propellant rocket motor, and the test article held a pressure of 1200 psi without failure or leaks. Check out the video to see the motor test!

At the moment we're constructing a pair of 3in diameter hybrid rockets with completely filament wound air-frames, helping us work towards our goal of a fully filament wound air-frame with an integrated motor case for the Mach 4 project. May post a video of the hybrid rocket flight on here once its done.

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