Random Delivery Head Fault


Has anyone else encountered an error with the delivery head were at a random point in a wind sequence it will just ram the payout eye into the mandrel and drag it along to the end of carriage axis? I have checked the g-code and cant find any error there, I have also found if I stop the g-code executor the machine error movement continues? This error appears to be effecting axis 3 & 4..

I have this problem ongoing & its to the point were I cant complete more than 5 to 10 helical passes without the head destroying the wind.

Other issues Ive had.

1: Cant use the carriage speed calibration tool as it sends the carriage in the wrong direction (away from limit switch), have confirmed the machine is built the right way as can start winding so don't understand?

2: The carriage speed appears to always be too slow so have to adjust the G-code setting manually, if I dont do this I find the helical wind paths end up overlapping each other at the ends on the mandrel (4-axis mode closed domed vessel), rather than sequentially after each other.

Keen to hear if anyone else has had these issues and how they overcome them..

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  • I have the same error happens. The head strikes the mandrel. This happens on a random frame.

    • Have you had any success in fixing it?

    • No. I noticed just that if you do not press a pause during the program execution, sometimes it can work without failures.

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