• I unscrew the two plates and the two angles that hold the roller. Each has a pin about an inch long that holds the roller.
    I remove the excess resin with a paper towel and then wash it with acetone or ecosolve
    Make sure you use a resin with slow curing time. And low viscosity so the roller moves easy
    • so you pull those 4 bolts out every time you do a winding just to clean it? i wonder if i could come up with a design that would allow you to remove the roller in the resin bath without any time of disassembly 

    • yes, you sure can find a better to do it. I'm working on something easier. I just attended the CAMX show and saw a filament winding machine with a better impregnator. I'll try to make something like that. 

      The problem I have is that the tows take too much resin and also the fibers get stuck on the sides of the rollers. DSC_0203.JPG?width=721

  • how do you get the roller out to clean the resin out of the bath after a wind

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