Rotate Mandrel in CCW direction

I can't get the mandrel to rotate anti-clockwise. Have tried M3 and M5 and also a S-70, none seem to work. M3 still did clockwise, M4 does clockwise, M5 stops the wind, M2 isn't recognised.


Any help please, have changed my head setup and would prefer anti-clockwise winding. Only option for now is to somehow bodge the motor the other way around!





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  • While I'm asking, how does the K value work for acceleration, is this in inch/s/s?



    • Hello Alastair,

      I faced the same problem over the last week or so. If reversing the polarity didn't solve it for you, you can write the M4 S10 C-180 in the same line as your G1 command. If both of them take the same time to complete it will rotate continously until you reach that particular angle.

      Example: M4 S20 C-180 G1 F50.8 Z250

      (Units are in mm)


      And regarding your question about the K-Value: the Value indicates the acceleration in % of max Acceleration.



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