Some Help configuring X-winder

Hello All!

I have a custom machine, 105 IN carriage.

Mandrel is 6:1

Carriage uses T2,5 mm teeth 1º pulley 20 to 2º pulley 60 teeth.

My problem is that 4.2 seems not posible to configure carriage out of standard gearing motor.

The questions, muy anyone help me?

- Its possible to configure manually writting the config file?

- where is it saved?  i cant find. I find one in executor/help/about but even i can write new values the soft dont save.

Thanks all


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  • Hello 

    I solved my problems, back to 4.17 version

    Noting in 4.17 and 4.20 are not correct calcs of filament waste when works in mm. At least is my experience.

    Public thanks to Mr. Hunt by his work.

  • Another question:

    Anyone working in MM has noted problems?

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