Winding angles

Hello everyone,


How have you been going with winding angle selection? I understand the 90’ is optimal for burst strength (which many of you will use for rocketry), but I am generally trying to optimise bending stiffness. I started out using all 45’ plies which produced moderately stiff poles, however Turner passed on the following angles, which have helped a lot: 37/45/54.


Now I am trying to make thicker and stiffer poles I am looking to get some hints on additional fibre plies and their advantages. Also, does anyone know of software that might help determine ply angles for tubes like this?

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  • Aloha Jeremy,

    The closer to a Polar wind you get, the more stiffness you will get. The down side of that is you will also have huge fiber slip at the ends during really low angle winding. I do a Hoop layer as my first ply followed by a ply at 65 degrees. This was good but left room for improvement. 0/65/35 was better but obviously heavier and again, there is fiber slip at the ends of the 35 degree ply. try a hoop as your base ply then a 45 over it and see how it feels when the plies can share the load.

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