Wrapping Composite with Shrink Tape

Hey all, we have been messing around with our 4X-23 machine and have had a couple successful winds. However we have been having an issue with our shink tape layer.

You can see in the pictures below, we are getting these weird voids/pockets when we apply the shrink tape. Its almost as if the tape is buckling on itself as we wrap it.

Is this caused by us wrapping the tape too tight? We do wrap it tight but not entirely sure if that is the issue. 

I guess what I am asking is what is the proper method for applying shrink tape to the composite?




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  • Hi Curtis Kent,

    If I am not mistaken, you have heat shrink tape from dunstone. Depending on the film thickness you can only overlap the tape half it's width. For expamle if you have a 1" wide shrink tape and it's thickness is 0.002" or more, I would recommend having it overlap half an inch. I have had this issue before. I hope this helps.

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