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4Axis issues

Hello everyone.

I have worked with this winder for few weeks now. I'm still unable to get DH Linear to work properly. The problem seems to be that the executor software doesn't recognize the position signal from the motor. If i check "Help"-> "about"

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Issues Please Help

Hello everyone, Great to be part of this forum for this machine, already thinking about how I can redesign the squeeze without even winding yet.
I have been having extensive trouble and been trying to get my 4-axis X-winder up and working over the pa

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11 Replies · Reply by Andrew Jones Mar 23, 2018

Sliding end winds

Hi everyone!

I use XW-2 and have a problem that I hadn't managed to solve. The end winds slide down of mandrel when the carrige changes direction. How can I fix the plies?

My ideas as follows:

1. to change a winding angle at the end of the mandrel, I me

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11 Replies · Reply by greg spohn Jan 29, 2017

Finishing and moulds

I have been having some problems getting a grade A finish on my parts and was wondering if anyone is achieving this? My problem is that as the tape contracts it leaves some impurities, like resin rich areas which then have to be sanded back, which ta

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Winding angles

Hello everyone,


How have you been going with winding angle selection? I understand the 90’ is optimal for burst strength (which many of you will use for rocketry), but I am generally trying to optimise bending stiffness. I started out using all 45’ p

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1 Reply · Reply by Larry Ortega May 30, 2018