Tim Montano posted a status
Dec 23, 2019
I'm nearing a little bit over three quarters of the way to accumulating the funds to purchase one of the 2x23 model X-Winders.

It is my plan to use this winder to R&D a less expensive way of Carbon Fiber wrapping rifle barrels.

At present there are only a hand full of business producing Carbon Fiber Wrapped barrels. They seem to have this market segment locked down tight.

It is my hope to develop a safe and accurate procedure for making this technology available to other gunsmiths, hobbyists and DIYers.

When I first came across this X-Winder machine all I could find was real old videos and real old links. I thought this X-Winder project was dead in the water till I looked a bit further into this website's community.

Apparently it's not dead in the water.

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