DHL problem Y-axis wrong direction

I have a problem when starting 3-axis and 4-axis winding. Before starting, the elements move to their home positions and pressing the switches. 
The carriage and DHR bounce after pressing the switch, but DHL remains on the pressed switch. After that, instead of moving towards the mandrels,
DHL starts pressing on the switch trying to break through it. At this point I have to turn off the program so as not to damage the elements.
Can anyone point out where the problem is? Thank you in advance for your help
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  • Make sure that your Y axis offset has been measured and input into the designer software. To do this fully retract. The delivery had linear so that the DHL limit switch is activated. Measure the distance from the concave roller to the mandrel centerline, and input this value in the settings, page of the designer software. All my values are positive.

    Also, in the settings, page of the designer software, make sure you have measured and input, the Z axis offset. To do this, return the carriage to the Home position, so that the carriage limit switch is activated, and measure the distance of the center of the concave roller to the front face of the right mandrel post. The front face of the right mandrel post is the coordinate origin, by definition this is where Z equals zero, and Y equals zero. Make sure you input the Z axis offset into the designer settings, page 

    • Hi Turner

      Thank You for your response. I have defined Y and Z axis correctly.  I didn't answer right away because I'm learning how to use the device and I wanted to check if I was making any mistakes. It seems that the mentioned problem only occurs in 3x axis mode with the HOOP winding method. Do you have any other suggestions on what I could check?

      Additionally, I have a question about software versions and the ability to change units from inches to mm. In my version (4.19) I do not have this option, and entering the distance in inches is cumbersome for me (Europe). In the instructional videos on YouTube in the Designer program, there is such an option in the left menu at the top.. could you help in this matter?

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