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Hi there,

I have just purchased a 4X-23 for a student project, ARIS Space, at ETH Zürich. I have a question regarding the X-Winder Designer Software. Our (me and my teams') aim is to manufacture a filament-wound composite-overwrapped pressure vessel with two polar openings. 

When generating winding patterns and visualizing them in the Designer Software, there is always at least one path which strikes across the polar opening, as in the following image: 3707931714?profile=RESIZE_710xSome of the generated winding patterns are just plain nonsensical and I am a little confused and not at all sure how to interpret the output of the software - I would appreciate very much if somebody could answer the following questions: 

- do the lines shown in the image represent the middle of the filament? (in my case, the filament is 7mm wide). Or do they represent the inner/outer edge of the filament? 

- Does the number of groups have something to do with the filament traveling across the polar opening? This may not be possible in our design, as there are threaded valves protruding from the polar openings. Does the filament need to be reattached to the mandrel after each "group" has been wound? Or does this happen continually?

- How is the best way to design a proper winding pattern in the X Winder Designer software? I have just been experimenting with the "phi" angle input in the software and trial-and errored it :)  For a polar winding pattern, there are analytical formulas to determine the winding angle depending on mandrel geometry to obtain full coverage. But I don't see any possibility to manually implement a winding angle in the Designer Software - am I doing something wrong? Is there also the possibility to implement friction parameters?

- Is there better Software available online to design the winding pattern without blowing the budget while being compatible with the X Winder?


Thanks a lot for your feedback!!





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