More Torque?

I am using my X-Winder to make test panels. The mandrel is square peice of aluminium flat stock. as a cosequence the torque value changes as the mandrel spins. I need to increase the size of the motor to get more torque, Going from the original Nema 23 stepper 57HSG76-3004JA what motor could I get that would increase my torque but still mate with the original gear box?

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  • I'm interested to buy the upgrade kit 2X-34 to increase the torque and speed of 2X-23.

    Would you please inform if is required to proceed any software upgrade on the gear box or any special setup after installing the new motors or it's just "plug and play" , without any further configuration?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Carlos:

      Everything is incluede with the 2X-34, software included - you need to sodnload the latest version. Here is the assembly video for the 2X-34 for more info.



    • Hello Mr Hunt,
      I have some experience with Carbon 12 k Roving impregnated.
      By dewrapping it changes width by nearly 50 % alternating.
      I want to set only one layer or two.
      How can I get 100 % quality, roving by roving without Space In between?
      Possible with X-Winder?
      Thanks for your early answer.
  •  Hello, I am looking forward to getting the new motor. Can you tell me what the cost for a single motor uprgrade for the mandrel axes will be?


  • Yes - larger X-Winders coming by March 9, 2018:

    See preview 2min video at:



  • Do You have any updates on the availablity of the NEMA34 motors?



  • Great!! Can you send me information on the particulars or will I need to watch for the announcments here?

  • By March 1, 2018, we will be releasing upgrades to X-Winder 2X-23 and 4X-23 that will increase max mandrel diameter to 16 inches from the current 8 inches. This will include NEMA34 motors on the mandrel and carriage axes. The NEMA34's will provide 4x more torque on the Mandrel and Carriage axes. In addition, you will also be able to add a second NEMA34 motor on each of these axes with a further upgrade, thereby increasing torque on each axes by factor of 8x over these existing NEMA23 motors.

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