"Set axes accels" error message - help! (4X-23)


Hi there everyone,


my buddy and I have started doing trial winds for our composite-overwrapped pressure vessel with 3D printed mandrels, just to get the hang of the machine. 

BUT we are having problems - does anyone know a fix to these? 

1) The DH rotary or the DH linear motor do not respond to software inputs and don't move sometimes (not even when when winding - sometimes even when we just say "go home"). At times, everything will work fine and then suddenly either the rotary or linear will conk out. This has  not happened while winding (sometimes it works fine) yet - only when we turn the machine on some motors will not respond, even if everything worked fine just 5 minutes ago. Yet the software sometimes finds the boards of the non-working motors. The rotary / linear motors have sometimes also started working again after some time! (after being idle for a couple of minutes)

2) When trying to troubleshoot this, the setup wizard will sometimes not find all 4 boards. At times 3, at times only 2. 

3) We get an error: "Set Axes Accels" (image below). It won't do anything after we get this message and we get this message in most cases while attempting to wind.  

4) We also get the error: DETACHED: PhidgetStepper

Are these symptoms known? Does this look like a hardware problem? 


Thanks in advance!




Here are screenshots of the error messages: 



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  • Chris,



    This sounds like a USB hub problem. A powered USB hub will likely solve your problem, the kind of USB hub that plugs into the wall and is externally powered. A powered six port USB hub is generally about US$20. Sometimes the PC that you are using does not provide enough socket power for the unpowered USB hub that we ship with the winder.

    We are now including a powered USB hub with the wind or for this issue.


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