Y-Axis Offset

I am having some trouble correctly setting my Y-Axis offset on my 4-axis X-Winder.  I am told to measure from the centerline of the mandrel to the delivery head.  I am told that the default is 4.625 inch.  What I am not sure of is, where on the delivery head do I measure to?  I have tried measuring just to the face of the steel roller, to the centerline of the roller and to the point on the roller fartheest from the mandrel centerline and, when I run my code, the roller on the delivery head seems to want to come in contact with my mandrel.  I would appreciate any helpful hints.  Tim.

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  • Hi Tim:

    The default for the 4X-23 is 4.625 inches and you should be able to verify this distance by measuring from the centerline of the mandrel axis to the centerline of the concave roller (final delivery head roller) axis.

    Before running a complete winding schedule, run a "Trace" (this option is clickable on the lower right hand area of the Designer software. You do not need to mount the mandrel to do this - in fact do not. The "Trace" will position the DH concave roller and the ends and at the equators of your the imaginary mandrel (which you have not mounted) so you can verify correct measurements before actually doing a complete winding. At each of the 4 points in the "Trace". the winder will pause and youi'll need to click on the play button to continue to the next point.

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