C or DHR too slow for G3 or G6 error


   Trying to get my 4 axis to do a test part and I keep getting various too slow errors at the ends. I've tried slowing things down, splitting the USB hubs so they aren't daisy chained and a different PC. Nothing seems to consistently fix it. Has anyone else seen this and fixed it?

thanks  greg

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  • Hi I get the same error with software 4.16. The actual Version 4.21 isn´t usable because of several errors like overvolting and setup wizard loops :(

  • I've gotten this error and I thought that it was due to the plastic bearings on the delivery head (both rotary and linear).  First, loosen the cross-piece that ties the two sides of the delivery head, gently pull the sides apart to give the plastic bearings more clearance, and re-tighten.  Additionally, on both the rotary head tube/sleeve (and associated plastic sheet/bearing) and linear plastic bearings I've applied a light coat of petroleum jelly as a light lubricant.  Speed errors have not come back.

  • Getting same errors and can't seem to find out what setting is causing the issue.  Complete newbie here.  Getting very frustrated at the lack of an error log (or at least I can't find one...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    • X winder guys found a designer defect. Use 4.17 for a fix. Here's the email from Turner:


      We found an error in the XWinder_Designer.exe software related to very shallow movements of the delivery head rotary (DHR) axis. It was programmed to move to slowly for small angles, and hence the Executor was creating the errors you mentioned. We were able to replicate your error, the provide a fix in the software. So you can download v417 of the Designer from:
      Unzip it and place it in the directory ( usually C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Winder\X-Winder40 ) where the existing  file
      XWinder_Designer.exe is located. I would suggest copying the original XWinder_Designer.exe and saving in some other directory in case you need to revert back.
    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for posting this, I was getting this error also and couldn't resolve it.

    • Could some one help me find a fresh link to v417?  The previous dropbox link is dead.

    • Did you find a fresh link? im havingthe same problem.


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