Josh Backel replied to gary michalak's discussion torque adjustments
Did you have any luck with designing an automated tensionor system yet? I need one! I had a few ideas myself, but after reading how winding angle changes tension, my ideas may be a moot point.. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! …"
Jun 17, 2022
gary michalak replied to greg spohn's discussion C or DHR too slow for G3 or G6 error
"Did you find a fresh link? im havingthe same problem.
Jan 19, 2020
gary michalak replied to Tim Montano's discussion Where to get and how to determine the correct resin or epoxy for a given application?
"What temp are we talking about? Most high temp epoxy require a post cure at elevated temp like in a oven. I find good deals on carbon tow on ebay. Also check out a company called Fiber- Line for filiment needs. Epoxies are everywhere, Pro-Set, ebay,…"
Jan 19, 2020
Aaron Lederhose replied to gary michalak's discussion torque adjustments
"No problem Gary,
The tension setting will change on the winding angle. Even as the diameter increases the tension can change on the same winding angle because you essentially have more friction to hold your windings in place.
You want to aim for a…"
Feb 21, 2019
gary michalak replied to gary michalak's discussion torque adjustments
"Thank you Aaron!  This information is very helpful. Im certain i need some more work on my roller/filiment delivery drag. im thinking of using a fish scale to test the tension on the filiment. Do you have any suggestions on the amount of tension in…"
Feb 20, 2019
Aaron Lederhose replied to gary michalak's discussion torque adjustments
"Hi Gary,
I will try to answer all of your questions.
More or less torque on the mandrel motor is not really going to help you. The stock standard nema23 motor has plenty enough torque to wind a good tube. All the other motors require very little…"
Feb 20, 2019
gary michalak posted a discussion
I am new to the x winder. After a few hickups, I completed some good 2 axis winds in 3 axis mode. My question is on the subject of winding torque... How do i know if i need more torque or less torque on a particular motor? Do i increase torque for…
Feb 16, 2019
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Dec 1, 2018