Carriage Direction?

I've set up and have been getting familiar with the setup (we have a 4X-34 setup).  Everything seems to running smooth, except the carriage directionality seems to be off.  When I press the 'right' option the carriage goes away from the end with the carriage motor and and positon shown goes negative (in other words pressing right makes it go what shows as left on the setup picture).  I can manually  bring it back to the limit switch and it will rezero when it hits it.  However, when I go to execute a program it will travel all the way to the far end and keep trying to go further with the message that it is 'looking for limit switch' (which is on the other end).

What could be could be causing this seemingly switched carriage movement direction?

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  • Hi Michael,

    Have you setup the motor direction properly in the Xwinder Executor software? Go to File>Setup Wizard
    That should fix you issue.


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