filaments slip off delivery head

Right now I have problem with this winding machine. During winding process, the filaments always slip off the delivery head, when the DH travels until the end of mandrel and changes its angle for traveling back. The problem happens for both 3x and 4x winding, anyone has an idea of how to fix this?

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  • Hi Marco,

    I had this problem as well and I fixed it in a few ways. 

    1. The winding angle might be to great for your mandrel/setup (ie lower than 35 degrees)

    2. The delivery head might be to far away from the mandrel.  I have mine set as close as possible (about 1mm sometimes).  If the delivery head is to far away the filament will pull to the side of the delivery head and jam.

    3. I modified my delevery head to stop the slipping. I found that an extra roller on the delivery head gave a little extra sideways friction so you could wind greater angles.  See the photo. The filament threads over the first roller then under the second as usual.  I found this modification also helps keep the filament at a constant width as well.

    Hope this helps.135624078?profile=RESIZE_930x

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