Offset Error- 4 axis wind

We're attempting to do a 4 axis wind with this setup

10467098688?profile=RESIZE_710xBased on my understanding of the software, the winding path should be from 3.75 inches from the inside of the post to 15 inches. Instead the winder is moving from approximately 10 inches to 21 inches. We just replaced the motor with a replacement from X-Winder after the old one broke. When I tried this setup for a 2-axis wind 

10467102060?profile=RESIZE_710xFor this setup, the winder moves from 6 inches from the post to 12 inches as expected. Has anyone had a similar issue? or see somewhere I'm going wrong with the 4-axis setup? Thanks

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  • After installing the software onto someone else's computer and inputting the exact same measurements the problem went away. Not sure if anyone has had any similar problems with the software.

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