Parameter A in the G code


Explain what the parameter A means in each frame of the G code please.

G1 F4,00 Z21,35 S10,25 C112,81 A187,02  [MOVE LEFT END]
G2 K40,00 F0,37 Z23,74 E2,17 Y0,12 R1,25 B42,65 U1,22 V2,39 H21,35 W0,12 S6,00 C163,00 A350,02 [CW ELLIPSE AT LEFT END]
G5 K2,00 F2,39 Z21,35 E1,22 Y1,34 R21,55 B-65,09 U1,22 V2,39 H21,35 W0,12 S4,00 C30,00 A380,02 [DH G5 WITHDRAWL LEFT END]
G1 F4,00 Z9,19 S10,25 C187,02 A567,05  [MOVE RIGHT END]
G3 K40,00 F0,39 Z6,70 E2,17 Y0,12 R1,19 B-43,82 U1,22 V2,49 H9,19 W0,12 S6,00 C163,00 A730,05 [CCW ELLIPSE AT RIGHT END]
G6 K2,00 F2,49 Z9,19 E1,22 Y1,34 R21,78 B65,09 U1,22 V2,49 H9,19 W0,12 S4,00 C30,00 A760,05 [DH G6 WITHDRAWL RIGHT END]

It is especially not clear the value of parameter A between layers.

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  • this looks like a bug in the software - I am adding it to our bug reports and development list - thanks

  • Then such a question. Why the designated value of A88143.90, rather than 87882.66 + 112.81 = 87995.47? This is the generated program.
    And another question. Why does the mandrel sometimes start to rotate without stopping during the frame? Is this a problem in the program or in the machine tool?5751fclip76kb.png?width=721

  • A is total mandrel angle after the completion of that line of g-code is complete. For example, If A720.00 then the mandrel has rotated two full revolutions at that point. 

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