Pins at the ends of mandrel

Hi guys, we just got our X-Winder (Prague) and have the same issue as many - tow is slipping at the ends of mandrel even with maximum rotation of 230 degrees. We were thinking of adding plate of same diameter as mandrel with pins at both ends of mandrel, so tow would hook on the pin and would not slide. This is very usable for small winding angles. Has anyone tried that? Is the machine able to keep exact angles at the ends so the tow does not collide against the pin? Or are inaccuracies in positioning angle so high that this solution is basically unrealistic? Let me know your experience.

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  • Look at the UNIVERSAL PIN RINGS from Advanced Composites Inc.

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  • Hi Antonin, I am interested about X-winder purchase, will you be willing to share your experience?

    If yes, please, let me know your contact (mail/phone).

    Thx, Jaroslav

  • I am thinking about using Velcro at the ends.

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