Rotate Mandrel in CCW direction

I can't get the mandrel to rotate anti-clockwise. Have tried M3 and M5 and also a S-70, none seem to work. M3 still did clockwise, M4 does clockwise, M5 stops the wind, M2 isn't recognised.


Any help please, have changed my head setup and would prefer anti-clockwise winding. Only option for now is to somehow bodge the motor the other way around!





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  • Hi,


    im using code, which rotates the mandrel CW and CCW:


    M4 S20 C180 [clockwise rotation 180deg]

    M4 S20 C-180 [counterclockwise rotation 180 deg]


    • Hi Vernon,

      i try to realize a similar application. Can you send me the C-Code of this winding shown in the Video? Would be great.

      My Mail is: marc.biener(at)




    • Hi Vernon,


      Thanks for your reply, I did think I'd tried that with no luck, but will try again. What version of the software are you running?

    • Alastair,

      I'm using software version 4.22



    • HI Vernon,


      Great, so I got the mandrel moving CCW, with the M4 and negative C, but under a G1 the negative C doesn't work and I can't get it to rotate continuously CCW using the M4, so struggling to get CCW mandrel movement while moving the delivery head. Any ideas?



    • Alastair,


      From what I understand, the M4 command is a non continuous rotation command, so this means that you have to put an angle of rotation.  You could try a big rotation angle, like C=3,600,000, which is 360x10,000 (10,000 rotations), then use M5 to stop it.  Have you considered reversing the polarity of the wiring on the mandrel motor? This is a permanent change, which might not be what you are looking for.



      G1 can't accommodate a negative command, as it is relative to the zero reference.   

    • Hi Vernon,


      M4 seems to work continuously if I don't put a specific rotation angle, unfortuntely it automatically rotates clockwise. The problem then with putting a specific angle is that it completes this before moving onto the next command! We're using it for a bobbin winding application, the way it's setup lends itself to CCW rotation. I think reversing the polarity would be a good option for us, as we're only likely to use it in this direction, however I'm not very electronics savy, so would need some guidance to do this. I'll drop the x-winder team an email to see if they can guide me through the easiest way to do this.

      Thanks for your help!


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    • Alastair,

      its very easy to reverse the polarity. See the attached image.


    • Perfect, thanks! I'll give that a go this afternoon.


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