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Hello everyone,

I tried the newest version 4.21 of the software on my 4x-23 machine but I have some issues :

When I order home or build from the designer software, the setup wizard window appears, then I set up every parameters (assigned boards, motors amperage etc...) and once it's done the X-winder executor window is here but nothing happens. During that period hissing can be heard from the stepper motors and those of the DH become very hot, I assume they receive a too high amperage.

Does anyone has been faced with the same issues or has ideas about causes or solutions ?

Is this version well compatible with a laptop running on windows 10 ?

Thank you for your help,


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  • I've investigated this issue and it appears to be related to the system setting for the decimal separator. The software expects a period (.) to be used instead of a comma. If you just enter a period, this won't work as the software still saves this as a comma. If you change the system decimal separator to a period, the software (v4.22 as of now) will save settings and set the amperage to correct levels.

    You can do this in Control Panel (hit Windows key + R and type "control", hit Enter) under Language/Region > More Settings > Decimal Symbol. Change this to a period if this displays a comma, and also change the Digit Grouping symbol to something else if this is a conflicting symbol. Hit apply, restart Executor and try re-configuring the software.

  • Hi I just build up my 4x-23 and tired the software version 4.21 for start. It isn`t usable actually. The DH becomes very hot and the setup window apears when I set the parameters and when I try homing. 

    What I found out was that the motor amp value are changing every time after saving the values. E.g. I set up 1,6 amps and after saving the software lists 160000 !!! 

    I will try the old software on monday.

    Best regards Peter

    • Hi, the old software 4.16 works for me. I hope you can fix the bugs in version 4.21.

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