Stepper seizing with one axis controller

Hey all,

Working with a 4x-23. Had an issue with the carriage stepper motor freezing up randomly. If I change the axis controller between carriage and mandrel, mandrel motor will seize up and the carriage runs fine. Problem seems to be tied to the controller and not the motor.

Is there a software fix for this issue? Running everything at the suggested amps. Let me know what other info I can provide, I'm the new guy assigned to running this so I'm learning as I go. 


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  • Hi,


    I have the same issue on a brand new 4-23.  It was a bad axis controller.  Having to replace it.



    • Did Turner replace the bad one? Or did you have to buy it?

    • Yes, excellent customer service.

  • I had the same issue you are having, I read that it is fixed by using the 4.16 version of the x winder software.

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