Hello, is there a better explanation of how to wire the winder up? I'm just not understanding how there are 4 identical axis controllers and dont see how they are labled or defined in the assembly pdf online, my winders didnt come with a user manual. any pictures or extra advice would be appreciated. 

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  • The motors do not have a set control box. Once you have plugged in you motors and limit switches then connect all the usb cables to the hubs and then to the computer (should only need 1 usb port on the computer). Then connect the power and go into the executor program and run the set up wizard. This will allow you to select the correct controller to the motor by seeing what motor moves (guess and check process).  once you have all the controllers setup then finish doing the wizard and you are good to go.

    Don't forget to set up you z offset etc. in the x winder build program

    hope that helps :)

    • Thanks this did help a ton, I was stumped and getting very frustrated. 

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